Sunday, October 21, 2007

GOod TiMes in CaLi

Say no more! This expression describes perfectly our Vacation spent in Cali for fall break. Warning.....LOTS and LOTS of pictures

It all started at Hunnington Beach. The water was cold, but the weather was great. This was Cadens first visit to the beach. He hated the water but, loved the sand.

This is Caden not liking the water if you couldn't tell. It was so cold, it was October.

We raced home from the beach to head to LA to see Wicked the Musical at the Pantages Theater. There are not words to describe how wonderful it was. It was my favorite part of the trip. My mom saw it in New York on Broadway and thought that our cast was better. We even think they were better then the original cast on the CD. It is a definite must. It is a pre-qual to The Wizard of Oz and it is so good!


This is the Whole Gang all 13 of us

This is the crew, it was some really good times. My mom is such a sport. She had surgery on her foot 2 days before we left, pins and everything. She was going to stay home but the trip would not have been the same without her. It was so fun to be together without a care in the world. Thank you Mom and Dad for the fun trip and the wonderful memories!

..............the cutest character of all

After the fun at Disneyland we drove to Vegas to watch the BYU game. The boys were so into the game this was the best shot I could get........HA HA

Tate and Aunt Taryn and Taylor