Thursday, May 14, 2009

we're still kickin.....

i know it has been a month and a half but,
after you get done reading this EXTREMELY long post, you will understand why
it has taken me a month to update...
between weddings, birthdays,timpanogos baseball,and a little boy that terrorizes everything
(we won't mention any names) We have been so if you have an hour, here are our lives in a nutshell

It is this time of year again...
unfortunately we lost our first game of the tournament. We are having to come through the losers bracket but, never say never...right? GO T-WOLVES

A cousins wedding
my cousin Jake got married last week.
We welcomed Lybie with open arms
and wish them the best of luck!

a very serious obsession
with his new "glasses"
my dad bought some goggles for his cousin
with out knowing we would be at the house
when they got home.
So being the sweet poppie he is, he jumped in the car and bought caden some...lets just say,
they were worth every dollar!

some ever so sweet
brotherly bonding
it is the sweetest thing to watch
brig just light up and giggle at his
very silly, energetic brother!

a cousins birthday party
Caden's cousin Gavin turned 6!
It was such a cute little party at Thanksgiving Point

my baby...
growing up so fast.

and some how we were able to squeeze in my 24th
i woke up to crepes,
sisters and mom took me out to lunch,
then enjoyed olive garden with my husband!
pretty good eats, if you ask me!
I got some good stuff for my birthday,
one item being a sweet
sewing machine, that my husband bought for me!
let the projects begin....

and last but certainly not least
a complete invasion on the night of prom
my brother took a long time friend to his last dance.
They lived across the street when they were little.
we love her...
and their you have it! Our april and may...
hope it won't be july before another!
but, i can't make any promises!