Monday, March 24, 2008

{egg-ball......same thing........}

Easter-eve parties.........

It was so much fun to watch Caden during this egg hunt. They were suppose to find 24 eggs, Caden found eighteen all on his own. They were just on the ground, but he literally ran and said, "ball, ball". Then he would pick it up and put it in the basket and take off. I had never had that much fun at an Easter egg hunt!

Easter morning.......

you will have to forgive me, I cannot find my memory card to my camera
so some of the pictures are not that great. to church




awww kissss

awww squeeze

We were so grateful to have spent our day enjoying one anothers company and
thinking about our dear Savior and His life.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

{eAsteR sURprise........}