Tuesday, December 15, 2009

well i have realized that for about the last 6 posts i have mentioned that we are back, or sorry were late...etc! I wish so badly that i could say we're back from a really long relaxing cruise from the Bahamas or that, we're back from a romantic trip to Italy.........
but really all I have been back and forth from is the tissue boxes and the noses( and lets be honest sometimes I don't even use a tissue) and back from underneath the piles of laundry that always seem to get higher and higher!

i put off and put off posting because I was waiting for some more pictures, but there was a little mishap and do not have access to them anymore so without further ado....
brigham turned one

i know that the wrapping is not something of great worth but he's only one right? he doesn't care:)

after presents I made him eggs and let him just go at them...

he loved them.......can ya tell

speaking of love, the love of a parent is unconditional right? i always get a kick out of pictures of kids posted on blogs. I think it's funny to sometimes try and assume that the parents don't really think that it is a cute picture and they are just trying to be funny, or trying to figure out if the parents really do think that it is a cute picture and that love is just as unconditional as it gets....are ya with me?
well i laughed so hard at these pictures...
and no I do not think they are cute at all, just the opposite actually
brigham's present was a new tug boat for the tub so after covering himself in eggs, bananas, and milk we decided to try the boat out!

after tubbie rituals.....towels, lathering up and clothes!

these next pictures don't make as much sense without the other lost pictures.....but they are still cute! Last minute i decided to do kind of a carnival themed birthday. I did popcorn, cotton candy, and a carousel cake...it was pretty cute! He had a vintage birthday hat, and i put up a piece of fabric and had a photo booth and took pictures of everyone at the party. So take that info and picture in your head why these photos would have corresponded with the theme:)

then of course the best part of a one year olds party is the diving in...just like his older brother and father he got a little bothered with frosting covered hands...but got over it pretty fast!

i cried as i put him down to sleep that night, because i could not believe that it has been a year already.... this little boys is so funny and has such a different personality. i enjoy being a mother to this sweet, sweet little boy and look forward to the many, many, more memories(and messes) WE LOVE YOU BRIGHAM!