Thursday, February 28, 2008

{one year old pictures.......}

I am not so happy with them, the lighting was all wrong and Caden wasn't feeling that great so we will have to try again in a week or so....stay tuned!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

{from cars n trucks to dress-ups and bows.....}

Well, I can officially say I have experienced motherhood in it's fullest! We experienced fits and uncontrolled laughter. We experienced wetting of the bed at 2:00 am, but most of all we experienced PINK!

My cousin and her husband went on a 10 day business trip to Hawaii and asked if we would stay with the girls. They were the sweetest little girls. It really was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Doing hair and making sure bows matched their outfits was different then the jeans and T-shirts that I am use to but, they helped with dinner, they played with Caden which was the biggest bonus. I was off the hook for 20 mins here and there it was fabulous. We made cookies, painted frames, and made valentines for mom and dad! I can say the biggest bonus of all thanks to their wonderful parents was when 8:oo came.....all three children in bed and asleep. It was quite a change for me to get three ready for bed but it was fun!

I dropped these cuties off with their Grandma, and off I went to the next Babysitting job!

This picture pretty much sums it all up. Sorry for the weird angle but it really ties in to the crazyness of the weekend as well. I went from my sweet little cinderlla and bell to teenagers....AHHH! Just kidding it wasn't terrible but it was hard going from 8 o'clock bedtime to picking up a car full of screaming banchies at Lazer Asalt at midnight! They would not pose for the camera. This is will he was 8 he was the youngest. I had them Friday-Tuesday. I went from one extreme to the other!

The best part about this house was Molly. She was by far the best babysitter I could ever ask for (besides my twin sisters). Caden followed her around everywhere. She was so sweet to him and kind of became his little gaurdian. Caden would stand their with his hands over his eyes while her tail whipped him in the face over and over again it was so funny. I am a true believer in the term.......

Caden also liked all the new foods he got to taste, like this easy cheese bottle that he kept thinking was like his sippy cup...........

Lets just say that I am so grateful that in most cases children come one by one, and they are so little, they are so sweet, and they cannot talk:]
I think I will just stick with my little guy for now and will see about another!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


MY BABY IS ONE..............

He was a little nervous about the fire:]

Then it was time to dig in......he is so much like his dad in so many ways, Caden can get dirty but if it means grabbing it with his hands first, forget it! He puts everything else that is not suppose to go in, in, I don't get it. He would not just grab and go. I gave him a fork and he went to town.

I mean, the eyelashes!

This was a bitter/sweet day for me. I loved making cakes and decorating highchairs don't get me wrong, but I just cannot believe the day came. The last year has just been full of laughter, love, and sometimes tears. I love being a mother. I truly feel very privileged to raise children of our Heavenly Father. Caden has been such a blessing in our lives. His endless energy really keeps me on my toes! I lost my cell phone to the toilet last week, and when he tried to make some hot cocoa on the kitchen floor, I really did just have to laugh! After events like these he looks at me and says,"uh ho". I keep asking myself if I am ready for the "terrible two's" I am not really sure what lies ahead, but I am excited! I guess i just wanted to give a shout out to my little guy and let him know that I look forward to his sweet smiling face every morning, and love our trips to every pet store pretending that we are interested in buying a da (da, is dog in caden language)! I Love You Baby C!

President Hinckley's Viewing

We were able to go to the viewing on Friday. After waiting almost four hours it was truly one of the most spiritual times in my life. I am so grateful that we had the chance to go.