Friday, September 28, 2007

Timpanogos Homecoming Carnival

What a sport! Papa Louder was one of the targets for the pie throwing contest.

Aaron and Caden participated and got papa good! Caden was a little nervous. I don't think he knew it was his Papa........I guess I can't blame him?!

Yes, this was the balloon maker......and yes that is a real mustach.
He made Caden the cutest Ninja Turtle, numchucks and all! Aaron was telling me how much he liked Ninja Turtles when he was little. I told him that I did not really like them because they had really weird hands and feet. He responded very defensive and said yeah that's because they are frogs.........We just started laughing so hard. I was sure they titled them NINJA TURTLES for a reason................gotta love em!
Caden's first time trying cotton candy. I think these pictures describe how much he enjoyed it. Everytime he touched it he pulled a face, and everytime I gave him some he pulled a face. We are going to have to work on that.

Taryn and Taylor are so good with Caden they take him from me when I get there and give him back when it's time to go. Caden loves his aunties. They played games and won prizes for him too!
The Homecoming Game! THS lost but it was close.
Caden fell alseep the first half of the game. It must have been Grammies touch because, I cannot get him to fall asleep in my arms anywhere....let a lone a football game.
The gang

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ThE BalL paRk

My sister said that I never update my blog. I told her that i can only have so many pictures of Caden sitting on the floor smiling at me. So, we were going to watch Aaron play softball and I thought that since this is what we do to get out of the house i better get some pictures so my blog can be updated.

My dad gave Caden this hat to where with pride! Hope he doesn't get mad that it is on backwards!

Papa and Grandma decided to come too!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I lOvE taking pictures

I had just got Caden ready for church and I was about to lay him down, and he just looked too cute. So of course I grabbed my camera that is attached to my hip and started snapping. You can tell by Caden's face that he knows he has a crazy mom that always has a camera in his face. I put the middle picture in cause it is the first time I have ever seen a little bit of me in him...Yea
After giving life, feeding, bathing, and getting up in all hours of the night with this child., he not only looks just like his daddy, but now those are the words coming out of his mouth....DA DA DA....Whatever! J/K I think it makes daddy feel good.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Every year we go to Swiss days in Midway. It is so much fun to go up and look at the fun booths, but our favorite part is the food. From Knockworst sandwiches, to pie and ice cream, and last the best of all the game……SCONES! Caden and I enjoyed the scones very much. After we stuff ourselves there we head up to Grandma and Grandpa’s Cabin in Strawberry for the Labor Day Weekend. We stay up all night, play games, and eat more food! It is a fun tradition that we look forward to every year.

Looking through every picture I had I realized that it is hard to get a picture of the person always taking the pictures. So I made Aaron take a picture a Caden and I.