Sunday, January 11, 2009

We are alive.....

Well we made it to Utah and have had the most amazing time! I love being in Virginia but there is nothing like being surrounded by family and friends. Christmas was a huge success! Little Brig starred as baby Jesus in all the manger scenes.


brig and coo (as their brothers would say)

These boys have so many contrasting looks, but are two of the cutest babies around!

Who is to say that we didn't try:]

I made the boys matching Jammie's and had such a cute picture in my head of how these photos would turn out........ I forgot to put into play the fact that they are toddlers and brand new babies! Oh well...good memories!

What would Christmas be without the story of our dear Saviors birth!


There is so much snow here. Utah had it's biggest snow fall in years! And it wouldn't be a good trip to Utah unless there was a little sledding involved! Caden loved it...playing in the snow, that is, he was not a huge fan of the sledding:]


I was able to get together with friends from my high school basketball team. It is always fun to see what everyone is up too and see the many changes that have taken place.


We were also able to bless little Brigham. It was such a wonderful day. Aaron gave a beautiful blessing and we were surrounded by so many loved ones! We counted 20 in the circle:] some of the uncles and cousins were holding each others elbows but it was such an amazing feeling to see how many people we are loved and supported by!

This is my family

There are a few missing but this is the group that was able to participate in the blessing.

Aaron's mom and dad

our little family of four

My precious boys!