Saturday, May 31, 2008

the old man river..........

Very creative I know! Aaron just likes these homemade oreos better then any cake I could make, so without going any further here is his Birthday cake:]

We are married again!
This is now Aaron's third wedding ring! I am really not a paranoid wife that thinks Aaron hates me if he doesn't wear a ring but when he starts coming home with stories about people wanting to set him up with sister-in-laws, I had to get one! We'll see how long this one stays with us:]

Well it did not take very long for us to become Boston fans! We will always love our Utah teams, but sometimes for the summer it is fun to cheer
on someone else!
My two boys couldn't be cuter!
I had planned a surprise party and ordered pizza for the office! We watched game 6 and cheered on The Celtics! I love you babe, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We' re Here..........

Well after a missed flight and about 20 hours of either flying or sitting at the airport we made it to Boston. Aaron is selling here for the summer! Things are going really well and it is just beautiful out here. I forget how humid the east coast is. I already knew some of the people that we were coming out with, but it did't take long to get to know most everyone. I got a phone call this morning to hit up to zoo, and we accepted! Caden loved the zoo! We have a big pool(including a kiddie pool) and a play ground! It is so fun for me. I just get to meet new wives and play! Thanks Babe for working so hard so we can play:]

NO ONE will replace caden's best friend tate, but luckily we have found a friend for the summer. Nash is 2 days younger then caden it is really fun for him to have a friend! He still calls out for tate. I dont really know how to explain to him that we will not see him for a few months.
This is one of those pictures that people would probably wonder why I would even consider posting, but I had to show pictures of my new friends and unfortunately I was front and center pushing out every bit of leg fat that I have and missing the dry utah air. The hair is struggling big time and I have been here a whole 2 days!

that is the giraffs toung by the way it was kind of gross!

my sweet boy!
The photographer Cate took this picture! I love it so much!
What is a man to do without a women. My dear husband works so hard and is someone that i consider pretty smart..............but come on! You know that after a nap I ran straight to the store and bought some shower rings!
I love the man lots!

B is for.......

It is true Caden is going to be a big brother! I made this little shirt with iron on letters! We went to the Championship game and that was how I spilled the beans. We are so excited! I am due Dec. 12th!

We are the Champions........

my little patriot

my dad is beside himself after a bad, bad call. I love this picture!
STRIKE THREE! (this is the winning pitch)

The two boys with the COACH OF THE YEAR!

Here they are the 2008 State Champs!
This is a picture I will treasure forever because you will never catch my dad wearing his hat backwards ,except for this moment after a championship game. And you better not try to wear one backwards in front of him either!
The groupies
We are so proud of you dad!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 2...we're going to the ship......

the champion"ship" that is

I would love to know what is going through is little mind right at this moment.
I love this picture!

The hero of the game. You could tell he was hurting from the beginning but Gentry Croft stuck it out and pitched all 7 innings and was the winning pitcher!

My brother and dad just after the BIG victory!

We will see what tomorrow brings.....Go T-wolves!
stay tuned

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day one of the state tourney

my sister made these shirts for the boys they were so cute! They were the hit of the party. What a lil martha. Jens is our brother and the coach is our dad!

They truley are the best of friends and play so well together. We are going to miss him when we leave this week for Boston!

After 5 hours of playing and watching baseball Caden just crashed! The team plays on Thursday and if they win we are on to the State Championship Game! Go T-wolves!