Monday, December 31, 2007

Baby's first Christmas.......

What Christmas is really about

........................... Christmas Eve.............................

Caden was baby Jesus in the manger reenactment! His cousins Gavin and Sydney were Mary and Joseph. When we got home we made sure Santa had lots of cookies and we also gave him a magic key to come through the door cause we do not have a chimney. Caden didn't know what was going on but, ya gotta start em' young!

.................Christmas Morning.......................

Santa brought Caden a hoop for Christmas!
(It was the best thing Santa could have brought)
He loved it, he would open one present and then shoot a few hoops!

.............Christmas Morning again..............
at grammie and grampies

I had to give a shout out to our little elf who helped Santa distribute all the presents!

Ahhh.....lil Ken

The Grand baby tree!!!

Everybody say Yahoo for Grammie.....Yahoo for Grammie
Well it was another successful Christmas! I am always grateful for this time of year to remember the birth of our savior and ponder about his wonderful life. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

tO my beStesT cOUsin

Two peas in a pod

If you look close in both of these pictures you can see the two of them holding hands! As soon as they get in the car together they reach out and hold hands, It is the cutest thing you have ever seen.

They truly are the best of friends!
Caden is so lucky to have a cousin this close in age. We love you Tate!

Friday, December 14, 2007 comes santa claus........

true blue through and through............

I knew having a little boy that started walking at 81/2 months was going to lead us into a world of hurt......but not literally!
The doctor was having to push cadens eyelashes out of the way so he did not sew them in! People pay big money for those's not fair!
He ended up with 4 stitches, and a sucker that of course, I let him have. After being in that straight jacket screaming his little heart out I was willing to give him all that had. But, my tuff guy pulls through again he was waving to the doctors on the way out so, no hard feelings Doc.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A daY in tHe LIFE.........

After my last post about Cadens ear infections Aaron said I made it sound like he just cries all the time and that he is such an unhealthy baby........So I just wanted to clear things up. Even being around Caden when he has an ear infection you would be surprised he was sick. I also don't go to the doctor as often as I said I just was on a little rampage cause I just felt so bad for him. Anyways I followed Caden around the house today and wanted to let you know how much of a happy, busy, loveable boy he really is!

These Christmas characters sing and dance and Caden thinks they are so funny. One of his new tricks is to lead the music. He does it all trough sacrament and when ever he hears music. Here he is leading jingle bells!

I love my boy! He really is such a great baby. There are just some nights when he is unhappy, but it is for a good reason. He is so happy and FULL of energy the rest of the time!