Friday, July 25, 2008

pink, yellow, and red?

Out here in Boston there are 3 wives pregnant:] The other two are having girls. You can only imagine what the dominating color is in all of our new purchases:] Even though I am having a boy i decided to participate in the projects. It was so fun to make these headbands. I think that they are so cute and I am thinking that I might be adding them to the list of dream side jobs:] Cause i definitely don't have enough on the list:]

Let me know what you think....Do any of you do them? Is it worth the work? Are they cute enough for the competition?

Monday, July 14, 2008

LitTle brOtheR.......

I took this picture of my ultrasound picture(no scanner)! His little hands were up by his face the whole time:]
Technology is so amazing.
The picture below is proof that it is a boy! I debated posting a picture of his manhood, but we are so excited!

{historical boston........}

We decided that we better experience a little bit of Boston while we are out here, so we took a trolley tour around the city of Boston. It was so amazing to listen to the tour guide stop every 2 blocks to tell us about the big event that happened there so many years ago. Boston is full of History and with Aaron on his way to being a history teacher, you know he was enjoying every minute of it!
I am so glad that Caden has learned to love hats...

He would probably still be wearing it, but the wind blew it off his head:[
Here are a few pics of historical sites in Boston

These people were real,
and they only moved every few minutes it was kinda creepy!
And, the picture below is Caden waiting at the Trolley station
looking at all the fun toys!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This is my good friend Cate! She is due in 8 weeks and looks flawless! This is my first attempt at a maternity photoshoot and I loved it! I say this all the time that it is easy to get a beautiful picture of someone beautiful but these are some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken! There is something about photography that just brings me so much joy! I love the feelings that I get when I look at photgraphs. Just looking at these photos just gets me so excited about the gift that us as women have been given, Motherhood. Thanks Cate for letting me enjoy this time with you!

hAppy 4Th

We had a wonderful 4th! What a fun holiday full of food and fireworks. The wives decided to drive down to Boston and meet the Boys for a picnic. It turned out really fun and we even got an informal little photo shoot going:] The boys were just too cute in there patriotic colors so I just went a snappin'!
Warning: lots of pictures!

This is Cadens friend Nash. We have loved having him out here!
I enjoyed taking pictures of him he is so dang cute.

As a side note I did not touch up his eyes at all.
They are as big and as blue, as it gets:]

Look at that face........

Here is part of the hard workin', knockin', pinnacle guys:]

Then we went for a little firework show. It was over a river which was neat to see but not quite the firework shows is Utah:]

This is nash and his mommy and dad!
First attempt at a sparkler. He is not quite a pyro yet, but he still enjoyed it!

We came home and did a few of our own.
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!