Monday, April 20, 2009

{better late than never.......}

happy easter ...
I know we are a little late, but definitely worth the wait. My little sailor boys were so cute! Caden loved the 5 Easter egg hunts that he got to go on, and LOVED all the candy(a boy after my own heart). I am not really sure if navy counts as an Easter color but, we all matched and that's all that matters!

this is brig enjoying the egg hunt..

some family pics

I took the boys out a couple days before Easter hoping to get some good pictures that I could blow up and give to grandmas as Easter gifts. Turns out trying to get both boys looking at me and smiling at the same time was a bigger challenge than I thought. They turned out pretty cute but they are not that in focus because I was dancing and spitting grass out my mouth to get Caden to look and smile! What a memory...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh, how i miss the sun
we went to san diego to watch my brother play baseball
and did a lot more then just that!

this is my precious family (minus aaron, jordan, and brig)

.......and no this is not some stranger we got a picture with it is my very courageous brother jensen......what a dork!

i love my sisters so much! we laughed so hard as we strolled down memory lane. Talking about how we use to steal clothes, fight over dumb things, and how much we love the excuse to go to san diego as a family!

no, this is not another one of my sisters this is my....
smokin' hot mom

here are just a few Candids...

you know there are some serious good times
when you have 9 adults and 4 littles sharing hotel rooms!

we also went to the san diego zoo!
It was a little bit of a let down but still fun and something
to check off the bucket list!

oh yeah and go t-wolves...... they went 2-1! Thanks for giving us the excuse to escape from the depressing Utah weather and bask in the sun!
cannot wait for next year..........

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a few of this and, a few of that

a few.....
bad hair days, this little mans hair is CRAZY!
i seriously feel like i spend more time on it then mine. it has to be washed at least every other day and combed constantly or it looks like this...

a few.....
all nighter's watching TWILIGHT
i am not as crazy about it as my sisters, but i do love it!
my younger sister Paige screamed out loud when she purchased the beloved was hilarious!

a few......
priceless hours spent with our dad one afternoon bowling
Aaron has started in his masters program and is quite
busy with school work.

and last but not least a few.....
days into April and we are still building snowmen.
You gotta LOVE Utah weather!