Sunday, September 20, 2009

worry no longer...

to all of our many of followers....we're back!
i would like to say that i had no access to the internet or that my house is spotless because of all the time i spent not blogging, but in reality, i have many loads of laundry awaiting and nine hundred pictures to post because of my neglect to our blog. i know that your days may have been hard to get through without seeing what the alouds have been up to, but rest assured we will never leave you wondering that long again.

i don't know how any of you feel but,
i don't ever feel like there is enough time in the day....
but, if the day lasted any longer than it did, i would explode...

-brynne louder

i am sure that will be published someday! Anyways, we have been busy! I will let the pictures tell the stories.

there are lots....
so grab a drink and a treat and enjoy.......

way back in july and most of august we did a lot of this

yes the goggles are still a favorite...

at the end of july i was lucky enough to have two of my bestest friends come and visit from Virginia. One was my dear friend Carrie! She is one of those kinds of people that you don't ever want to loose. Carrie and her little family were instantly our best friends in chesterfield. when they came to Utah they also had a lot of family to visit so we only got an afternoon together, and of course i forgot my camera! So I have NO pictures, which makes me so sad! Anyways, we had a great little visit and I was so glad that we were able to hang out and chat like the good old days! Love ya Carrie

the other bestest friend was Cate! Cate is another one of those friends that i am SOOO blessed to have. Cate and tinsley sayed for a week at our house so we had a lot of good times together. we stayed up late laughed, cried, and ate yummy treats. we went to the spa, movies, and of course shopping! It was a much needed break for me!

we were having so much fun i forgot to take here we are on the day she is leaving, trying to snap a few:)
I love ya cate! miss ya

Craft itch....
i was itching to sew and make some cute stuff, i decided that i would have a booth at a boutique... i was so excited about doing it that some of my rational thinking kind of went out the winda:) Selling baby clothes for your first time in the town of spanish fork, having your booth in between a 75 year old man selling $200 walking sticks, and a 65 year old woman selling dream catchers, wasn't the ideal spot for baby and toddler clothes. But none the-less they turned out really cute and I think I am going to start an etsy shop and just see what happens. here is my booth and a few of the items that i made!

baby shower
my bestest cousin Mccall had her first little babe. My sisters, mom, and i were lucky enough to throw her a baby shower. I didn't get a picture of the invites, but they were the cutest part of our birdie themed shower! you can go to and search birdie invite and see it....except that ours was about 10 times cuter:)

camping is so much fun....

nice quality tent picture of our nostrils..
what would camping be without a little nap here and there...right?

who doesn't love the excuse.... hey it's okay we're camping

....picking food off the ground and not thinking twice about eating it, hey it's okay were camping.
....wiping boogies and messy faces on the nearest person, place, or thing, hey it's okay we're camping.
....ducking behind the nearest car (or tent for that matter) to take a bathroom break...hey it's okay WE'RE CAMPING! again not so good with the picture taking but, you get the idea....lots of fun mixed with lots of dirt:)

swiss days
with the Louders(meenous phil and meliss) we missed you guys!

we fished, we shopped, we ate...whats more to love

a false diagnoses of the chicken pox
the poor thing woke up from a nap with a huge red bite looking thing on his foot, he was holding a shirt with the remains of a spider on them saying, "i got it mom, i got it". i was convinced that it was a spider bite on his foot. two mornings later he woke up with about ten of the same looking spots all over his legs. i thought that there had to have been one angry spider living in those jammies or there was something else going on. Well that night and the next morning he was covered in spots from head-to-toe. Chicken pox was the only thing we could think of until...they were gone the next morning. maybe an allergic reaction to something , hives? we don't know but, it was not chicken pox! So here are some cute pictures of the fake chicken pox. the rest of the pictures are just some other random pictures of the boys.

yep, still wearing the goggles and still has a passie! i am not ready and he is not ready...we are all happy!

I love these boys

it's times like these that get me through the "other" times:)

did you make it...
well go to the bathroom and restock on treats cause it's only intermission.... i have been a little busier with photography stuff, i am thinking about taking a photoshop class so i can just go full fledge and just call myself a photographer....stay tuned