Wednesday, June 25, 2008

{who knew........}

Who knew that we would have a white haired

Blue eyed

Toe Head

Who knew.......Cause I for sure never imagined it! I absolutely love it but, I really do get funny looks and comments! Caden is going through the funniest little stage he is just really starting to actually talk instead of a word here and there, there are actually little sentences, the whole sentence might night make sense but there are a few words that can be identified! He understands me a lot better and 90% of the time obeys:] He has done a whole bunch of funny things lately. I needed to write down a few for me to remember and mostly for family to get a kick out of.........
1. The humidity is not kind to my hair nor my skin. I put my hair back everyday and I think putting make-up on actually makes my skin worse. Anyways, so I have broken out a little bit apparently a little more then normal cause the other day we were all sitting on the couch having lunch and Caden looked up at me and pointed to my face and said,"mom, a bug"! With a look that was priceless, like get it off your face:] Aaron thought that it was hilarious, I thought it was funny too but if it hadn't been caden saying it I might have cried!
2. Yesterday I had gone to the grocery store and Caden and I were putting away the groceries and he was playing in the drawers just talking away! Well he ran off and I didn't really hear anything for a min. So I walked around calling out his name and I could not find him anywhere. The last place that I looked was our closet in our bedroom and there Caden was sitting in the corner devouring an apple. He smiled at me and took another bite saying, "a apple"! He thought that it was against the rules or something to eat an apple so he had to take it to his little hide out:]
3. Anytime Caden has to poop and squats! Well I have been bringing up the word poop and potty a little bit just to kinda get his brain thinking about it! Now when ever he is done doing his business he says, "uh oh, poops"!
4. As you can see in one of the pictures Caden has a drum in the tub. I found it at Pottery Barn kids and he loves it. We take it to the pool, he has it in the tub, and we sometimes just have it in the toy box. Caden runs around with it and calls it his, "bum"! I laugh so hard cause I will say Caden where is your drum and he starts running around yelling "bum bum bum"!
5. He loves the pool! It took him a few days to really like it, but now he makes me a little nervous sometimes cause he likes to go jump off the stairs and be a little dare devil! I have had him in floaties the last few times that we have gone and he wasn't to sure about them, but today he was in the deep end just kicking away, floating and saying, "wimmy wim"! Stay tuned for a video of it cause it is so funny and that is all that he wants to do now. Apparently he has moved on from the kiddie pool:]
Well that is good for now, sorry to bore anyone I just had to let the fam know how our little guy is doing. I receive frequent phone calls and text messages wondering when we are coming back! We appreciate the love! Here are just a few funny pictures of Caden! He brings so much joy and love to our little family, I just hope that the next one is as cute and well behaved:]

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go Green!

There are not many selections when it comes to color of clothing out here in Boston! You are either wearing red or green.......And right now I can tell you there is a lot of green. As most of you are aware that the Boston Celtics Just won the NBA Finals! The city of Boston is just mayham(I just made up how to spell that) Anyways They had a parade today and we decided to participate! After driving 30 mins to Boston, and driving around for 40 minutes looking for parking, and walking a distance of about 6 miles there and back........
It was so neat to see them and feel of the love that boston has for there players I mean there is nothing like it. These people are out right die hards! GO BOSTON!
Here is Coach Doc Rivers and the big 3

Paul Pierce With the MVP trophy!
Here is KG he was pretty hidden and quiet

And of course Ray Allen, he was all about the parade

Here are a few pictures of the other players but i dont know all of there names so I am not going to embarrass myself by giving it a try...I think that the one without the cigar is Perkins?
But that is as far as I am going:]

They really tried to make sure that this was no rally, just a parade!

Caden will appreciate this oneday when he can brag to his friends that he was within an arms reach of some very famous basketball players:] But then again maybe if he is in the orchestra playing a Cello he might not even care or know who these people are:]
Only time will tell I guess!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

happy dad's day #2

We couldn't get this uploaded forever so sorry that is is late, but it was too cute not to post! So here to all of our dad's and loved ones that are far far away! We love you and hope you had a wonderful dad's day:]

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Dads's Day

All day I had caden say..happy dads day
(father is a little too big for our vocab:])
After watching Caden pick up my make-up brush and my powder and brushing it onto his cheeks Aaron said there needed to be some changes! Even though Caden squashes any bug with his fingers and swings a bat all day long our dad needed to make sure he was all man:] So for Fathers Day I found this kids shaving kit at Target and bought it for some good male bonding time! Instead of the make-up brush I am now instructed to hand him his razor!

He watched his dad very closely to learn the technics of shaving!

Then gave it a try for himself
(sorry the picture is blurry but it was so funny)

Here are my two most handsomest,:] clean shavin', manly Men:]

We love Sundays for many reasons but, for the summer it is because we get to play with dad all day! Aaron is such a good daddy! He works so hard to support us and make sure we are all happy and then comes home and wants to spend as much time as he can with us! And I do mean us cause I need time too! I couldn't ask for a better companion, father of our children, or best friend!
I love you Aaron!

Caden loves when dad comes home cause that means play time.....They built this fort and played in it for hours it was so fun to watch. There are a few pictures most of which only family will enjoy, but i have to keep them updated:]

Friday, June 13, 2008

{the new england aquarium..........}

They had a 3 story tank that was in the center of the aquarium that held all of the big attraction animals. It was quite a sight! There were divers in there feeding the sharks and the huge sea turtle when we were there!
The look on Cadens face is priceless! We were so close to the tank and this shark just creeped around the corner and scared him pretty good!
This was the biggest sea turtle ever! I couldn't believe how big it was.
The kids were mesmerized by it!

And of course all the funny looking fish, this was by far the favorite!
Hammerhead fish?

And here is my funny looking fish in the coral reef:]
I love this boy!
I did not realize that caden had an obsession with peguins until we went to the peguin exhibit! That is all he said and, all that he wanted to look at!
but who couldn't love em'!
So we hugged and played with the pretend ones for a while in the gift shop!
Here is the clan!
The Aquarium was right next to the harbor so we looked around and got to see some fun boats!

Monday, June 9, 2008

{sweet caroline....oh oh oh}

Well I do not know how many of you are Boston RedSox fans or fans of the movie Fever Pitch, but I am very proud to let you know that I joined the RedSox family! We went to our first game and i swear to you it was like I had been there a million times. People were just hugging, laughing and drinking away just flat out enjoying life! So many things happened during the game to make it fun.
To start things off..........

In the first inning Manny(we are on first name basis):] Hits a 3-run homerun at his first at bat! That got people going. Then the night before there had been some words exchanged with coco crisp and the other team. So in the second inning at his first at bat they hit him with a pitch and a bench clearing fight broke out! It was quite the sight! If you look close you can actually see arms flying!
Last but not least, The company that joined me at the game!

My dad came out and you know he could not be in Boston without going to Fenway Park! It was so fun! They sing the song sweet caroline and it was just like the movie people that had been drinking all night just belting it out swaying back and forth, it was a riot! Anyways thanks for the fun dad! I have found a home away from home:] Aaron felt like it was too early in the working summer to take the night off, but in a few weeks I do not think we will have a problem:]