Saturday, September 20, 2008

{ is it worth it............ }

Question#1:Is potty training worth it?
I guess what you consider "potty training" is will determine your answer. As for me I am still wiping poopie bums and worried more then ever about being "wet"! Caden has been in under-roos for the last two weeks and is doing so well!We are so proud of him. We struggle with the poop thing a little, but he is pee-pee potty trained, if you will:] I guess what I am trying to say is that I never understood how much of this process depended on me. You have to make sure the time span in between each one is not to long or to short (which I didn't know)! You have to make sure you realize how much liquid they are taking in, and most importantly love them and give them so much support even when your on your hands and knees scrubbing for the first 3 days:] I went straight to underwear, I read that it is less confusing and your process is faster. So imagine your little 19 month old waking up one morning and when you change his diaper you do not put one back on. Never again......until December when my other little man comes:] Answer: Yes it is worth it, we are saving money and I think that will really come into play when we will only have to buy the cute little tiny ones for the babe. And although I feel like it is way more work, and by work I mean the strain on the brain. The Lady that wrote the book that I read said that it is more parent potty training than it is student potty training.........That is for sure! I just wanted to let our family know that their little Caden is growing up so fast and we miss you and wish we were together for these huge milestones. When do they start wiping themselves? That might be when it really seems worth it:]
Question #2: Is being hungry, huge, and tired all day worth it?
Conversation#1 with lady at wal-mart 2 days ago.....
Rude Lady: oh any day now huh?
me: Oh I wish I am due the beginning of Dec.
Rude Lady: What? Are you serious? Is there two?
me: Well, (stunned) Nope there is just one at least that's what they tell me!
Rude Lady: Well that is one big baby if you ask me....good luck
Conversation#2 with my precious 19 month old riding in his car outside.......
Me:varooom, varooom (pushing him and tickling him)
Caden: (laughing, getting out of his car) Umm a momma turn
Me: No thank you sweet pea momma can't
Caden: oh, a big
Conversation #3 with my self everyday........
Me: Oh crap, this doesn't fit either
Me: (5 mins after) Yum that donut looks good
Me: you have already had 2
Me: remember your clothes don't fit and your only gettin' bigger
Me: Oh yeah, better not
Me: (approx. 30 sec. later sitting on the couch enjoying another donut) YUMMY:]

Answer: OF COURSE IT IS WORTH IT! There is nothing that I would rather be doing then preparing myself in soooo many ways to be a mother of another one of God's children. Even though I do eat alot of sweets I really do try to make sure that I am getting fruits and veggies. I always make sure that I have had my vitamins too:] And, even though I have had to tell Caden a number of times that I am too big to ride in his car, I guess I was just a little sensitive after the EXTREMELY rude Lady's remarks at Wal-Mart.

So here I am at 28 weeks feeling large, but loving my little man inside!
I apologize for the novel. I do not think that I have ever written this much on my blog! So to make a long story short I do believe that potty training and being pregnant are worth it, but boy do they both have some not so worth it things that follow right along with them:]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

{pink highlights anyone......}

If anyone is interested I know a really great hair dresser:] He specializes in making sure that every tip of the hair has a highlight! Caden found some nail polish and went to town! It was all over him and all over the carpet. He always dries his wet hands on his head and apparently his hands got wet enough(covered in nail polish) that it required to dry them off in his hair! What an adventure a toddler is. As much as we wanted to scream and freak out because it is not our carpet that is stained.......we just laughed! His pink hair is hilarious!

We love this boy so much and thank our Heavenly Father for him everyday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a shout out to the fam

I know that the last post I had were duck pictures but these were too cute to pass up:] Dad got to go with us this time! The moon in this picture looked like it was on fire. It was so pretty!

Have you ever seen anything like it?
That was a ball of feathers on the ducks head....weird!

My two boys, I love them:] I am going to be quite out numbered
come here in December:]

We went to Chick-fil-A on Monday when they were having a special on their new chicken strips. You had to wear any college football teams shirt and they gave you free chicken....We dressed caden up so that he got his own box too:] The other videos are for our families you can tell by the last video that
he was done having the camera in his face.
We love and miss you family members, hope all is well!
(also quality was not that great it is just our phone camera)