Thursday, November 20, 2008


Brigham Reese Louder
7 lbs. 6 oz.
18 3/4 in.
4 weeks early....
Where do I begin.....
After the doctor telling me that she thought I was going to go a little early I started really kicking it in gear to get everything ready. Believe it or not I got EVERYTHING ready! I did every last load of laundry, my house was spotless, and everything was crossed off the list of things to buy! It still amazes me that he is here, i will give you the story in a nutshell......
I do not contract on my own, but I do dilate! I felt a little more pressure then normal no contractions, but I felt like I should be checked because i was a five without knowing it, with Caden. We called someone over to the house and I took all my bags and knew that it was not coming home for a few days. Aaron I think maybe thought I was a little weird and not really pumped about going to the doctor when I was still 4 weeks away from my due date. Well long story short, I was dilated to a five! They broke my water at 8:31am and with two pushes and not enough time for an epidural Brigham was born at 10:35! It was the most amazing delivery! I do not think I will ever have the epidural again. The way my body took over and delivered that baby was and still is shocking to me. I felt amazing after I know that I am just rambling now but sitting here re-living it, just blows my mind! We thought for sure that they had my due date a little confused when he came out 7 pounds but the doctor says it was no mistake, you are just lucky:] And, that we are he only had a few little things that were not quite right but within a few hours he was cleared and in our arms! So I did not have to suffer the last month of pregnancy and I have a very healthy chubby cheeked little boy! We are so excited and filled with so much love for our new little arrival!

The Whole Fam......kisses for everyone
My Boys

I did have to mention that I think he did come out looking a little like me which is so fun! I feel a little bad about the soap box I was on in my last post:]
We love our little guy so much and hope you all enjoy the pictures.
We will give another update soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Update.........

Here is our sweet little boy at 36 weeks! Aaron thinks that I am crazy but, I think that he looks just like Caden! I would take another Caden face in a heartbeat, it is just that it would be nice to go out somewhere and not get drilled about my blonde haired, blue eyed little Louder Babies:] No one ever thinks they are mine! Oh well, It's not like I carried them for 9 months and gave them life right?
He He... that really does sound bitter but if everyone of my kids come out looking like Caden I would be 100% thrilled:]
Maybe my girls...if i have a girl?

Little Louder #2 was weighing bigger then normal(they did another ultrasound because my other one didn't transfer from the other hospital) anyways they say he is almost 6 pounds, has really chubby cheeks, and that he is expected after Thanksgiving! Which is great news for me, I mean us:] Who wouldn't take a baby a few weeks early! I was dilated to a 1 at my appointment on Wednesday and the doc said she thinks I will hold off until Thanksgiving and then she said to expect anything:] I was a week early with Caden and dilated to a 5 without a contraction, so they tell me to stay close and as soon as I start to feel contractions to make my way to the hospital! Yahoo! I would love some advice that anyone has about going from 1 to 2 children. Do's and dont's:] Please feel free to give any hospital advice, first days home, and breastfeeding with an almost 2 year old that loves attention:] Well there is my birthing story in a bubble:]

I will keep you all updated.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

{ and let the festivities begin.......}

Oh how I love Halloween! Treats treats, and more treats....oh and the costumes and pumpkin carving is all fun too:] We have the cutest little playgroup in our ward and we had a little Halloween party for the kids.
This began our Halloween festivities.........
Then we went to pick out a pumpkin
after looking long and hard Dad and Caden found the perfect one
And of course the carving.......
It has been interesting to me to realize that at this age they are old enough to know what is going on but not really old enough to care too much. Caden was so pumped that his pumpkin had circles for eyes and a triangle nose.....and the best part of it all was that it was done in about 5 minutes:]
I am getting great moral support at home while we are getting through the home stretch:]
I actually hate the picture. The angle couldn't be worse, but it was just too funny:]
I LOVE my boys!
And last but certainly not least
our little dinosaur

Trick or treating was so fun with Caden. He has been taught well to know what to grab when they give him the choice, and lots of it.
He said trick-or-treat every time and then said,"thank you"!
It was a great success and we look forward to next year!
We missed all of our cousins but look forward to Christmas!
Hope you all had a great Halloween as well!