Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{happy late haunting........}

They were the cutest incredible's you have ever seen! We all dressed up as the incredible's, masks and all, for one of the many Halloween parties....of course no camera:( On Halloween day I came down with something that kept me in bed all night. So long story short we didn't all get to dress up on Halloween which kinda ruined the point of the costumes...bummer! Their is always next year right?

Halloween decor

my littlest but not so little any more twin sisters turned

taryn and taylor

our mom is so funny... she left this note "from" Edward on the door.
It said,
Happy Birthday twinners...I Love you too
xoxox EDWARD
So so funny she put one on their locker too!
We had a really fun day! We got their hair highlighted, we did spray tans...and lots of treats and partyin!

we also went to las vegas for the byu vs unlv game. My dad was an official for it...no of course i did not bring my camera:) Hope you all had a great Halloween...now that it is Thanksgiving!