Sunday, July 12, 2009


i know i know...... when i wrote that i hoped i would post before july on my last post, i was just trying to be funny! After receiving death threats i thought it was about time.....
we have finished baseball, gone to more parties, and so on..
I learned some new skills in the blog world....i'm not going to lie, i am pretty proud of my self! So, here is another hour long update...cut short because i am so talented at creating collages:)
well, we weren't state champs, but we were the only team in Utah to beat the state champs!

Until next spring t-wolves.

Self explanatory!

These two chubba's are as good as they come

my very fabulous party throwing sister-in-law has now set the standard very high for what a birthday party should be. Caden asks to go to a birthday party all week:) Happy Birthday Syd!

i just want to give a shout out to all the dad's in our lives....thank you for everything you do for us. We love you!

papa tried to get the lawn done before the storm came...even with cadens help they had to

wait for another day!

the 3rd we went to bountiful for a

carnival and fireworks

we went to the parade in provo on the 4th,and went to Aarons aunt and uncles for some more food and fireworks!What would the 4th be without...Honest Abe!

we have a funny video of brigham doing the stay tuned it won't be 2 months..... I SWEAR