Monday, August 18, 2008

an update of the little man.....

Well my little man is almost 19 is hard to believe! He goes to nursery and everything! He is such a little jabber mouth. He loves playing outside and anything that has to do with a creature moving. He tries to eat bugs and throw dirt everywhere(and his dad still gets worried when he grabs the lip gloss)! I just received info about all the fun places around Richmond. Sundays Park was our first activity. There were so many hungry was so fun to watch Caden with them!

This is not that cute of a picture but Caden has the funniest little lisp and my little sisters prayed that he here is proof for them. We was saying swimming..

my little man....this was kind of a boring post, but for family members it is what they have been asking for:]

Virginia is so beautiful!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Virginia is for lovers........

They say that Virginia is for lovers....I guess that is why
I know it is hard to believe are families are still trying to cope with the idea. We finished with Pinnacle and Aaron needed to take a test by a certain date in Aug. He only had a few places where he could take it and Richmond was one of them. There was a potential job there as well and it has all just seemed to fall into place. We are not positive on how long we will be here but at least until after the baby is born. This is a picture from the golf course that encircles our neighborhood. Every time I drive by there are about a dozen geese just lounging by the pond. I forgot how beautiful Virginia was!

Caden is 18 months now, I cannot believe it!

Here is Caden sporting his favorite hat and tucked in pj's to his shoes:] He loves this car, from the time he wakes up, till the time he goes to bed he wants to play with the varoom varoom! The poor thing fell and chipped his tooth. It is not too bad but will have to be shaved by a dentist. His lip was so swollen and bloody, it was so sad.


Another reason why we love the East Coast is being as close to Duke University as possible! My sister Paige and her husband were selling in North Carolina and before they took off we wanted to get together. We wished them a congrats as they left for their honeymoon and that was the last time we saw them. It was so fun to see them! It think it was good for Caden to see a familiar face. I figure it is a good thing that little kids don't remember everything cause he has not lived in the same house for a straight 7 months yet!
He is 18 months and has lived in 5 different places:]

Caden's future stomping grounds:]
(if his dad could only make it happen
I think he would do anything in his power to do so)

Uncle Jord and Aunie Peepie

I try to hide the belly but I think it just makes it worse, I know that you show sooner, and are bigger with each baby, but HOLY COW(literally)

We love you auntie Peepie and Uncle Jord, it was so fun to see you.
Well we will keep you updated on all the changes. Who knows we might be somewhere else next post:]