Thursday, March 26, 2009

a little spring fun....

the future of timpanogos baseball

the current t-wolves, my dad and brother...

besides the few fist fights every once in a while
these boys are two peas in a pod

Caden loves baseball and baseketball so much...go figure, right?

enjoying the 7th inning stretch......

........and last but certainly not least the
biggest, most cutest, bestest t-wolve fans around, baby brigg and baby crew

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i am so LUCKY

i am so LUCKY.....
to be the mother of these two adorable kids!
That bring me so much joy and happiness.

happy St.Patricks Day

Friday, March 13, 2009

rOad tRip.....
Well we decided to head back to the place we call home..
good old UTAH! Aaron starts his student teaching soon and he thought it would be best to be close in case any openings came up quick. You never know what to expect in this economy.

Caden and Brigham were so good on the trip. A big shout out to whoever invented the portable dvd player, because that saved all of our lives:) We took four days to travel. We decided driving in the car for 14 or 15 hours a day would not be very enjoyable. Caden loved the hotels and would just run and run and scream for an hour straight when we would get out of the car.

On a whim we decided to stop in Nauvoo. Aaron served his mission in the Nauvoo area and had not been back. It was really neat, quit small, but so special! We went to the visitors center and saw a few things first. We sat down and listened to a presentation of Christ. Caden just starred for a minute, pointed to his hands and feet and said, " momma, a Jesus got a boo boo"? I said yeah he's got a boo boo. Then he looked at me and said, " momma, a kiss it, kiss his boo boo!" I just lost it. Children are so innocent and sweet, and to think that my kiss would take his pain away really made me sit down and think of the role that we as mothers play. I love being a mother, and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to teach and raise his children in the Gospel!

This is the Blacksmith, The Brick House, and The Bakery. Caden loved all the little shops. They gave him little souvenirs at all of them.

And last but certainly not least. The Beautiful Nauvoo Temple! It stands all alone on a hill and just glows! It was such a neat experience, I knew that I had very strong testimony of Joseph Smith, having already visited the Sacred Grove and the Hill Cumorah, but this brought such a new light and feeling for The Prophet Joseph. It has inspired me to dig deeper and read more about Joseph and his life.

We were also able to drive to Carthage. Again such a different light and feeling for the Prophet. Going to the place where our Father in Heaven and the Savior Jesus Christ visited him as a 14 year old boy. And, then being in the very room where his last day was spent was such a neat experience.

One afternoon in the car Caden was really quiet, and that is never good with a two year old! This is what I found when I looked back! I love this boy!
And here is my most handsome, longest driver, best daddy in the world!
So we are here in Utah...
We are going to see how long we can stay in one place..